• 5 star review  Sally-Ann is an extremely experienced yoga teacher. Her knowledge of anatomy, yoga and the mind is vast. She has a unique gift of understanding individuals needs in her classes and always provides much needed assistance to provide a safe and comfortable environment for all. Classes are relaxed and welcoming. Her workshops are carefully planned and executed, she provides a great learning experience. During my workshop I attended she offered traditional teachings from the the 8 limbs of yoga making it a true yogic experience. Her classes are well structured and challenging. Anyone would really enjoy a class, workshop & retreat with her. A valuable investment for your health & wellness.

    thumb Marilyn Whiston

    5 star review  I have been practicing yoga with Sally Ann for just over a year now and regularly attend 2 classes with her a week. I love the pace of her yoga, it allows for time to breath fully and attain correct alignment in postures, but don't be fooled into thinking it's easier, you leave class feeling your body has worked hard! However there are always options to set your own pace with opportunities to work harder or have a gentler practice, you are encouraged to listen to what your own body needs and to take care not to push yourself too far. Sally Ann's years of teaching make her extremely mindful of getting into asanas correctly in order to protect your joints and to work with the breath. Her deep understanding of how the mind and body work together gives you a really present personal practice. She uses Sanskrit names for postures in a way which teaches you rather than leaving you dumbfounded and shares her knowledge in a non patronising way. I look forward to classes each week, knowing that during that time the mat is the only place I need to be. I leave class feeling peaceful, happy and connected. Yoga has changed my life in many ways and I am really pleased I have found a wonderful teacher to guide me on the journey. I couldn't recommend Sally Ann enough. Have a look at her time table, there are a range of classes to suit your needs. I can also highly recommend her weekend restorative workshops if you are looking to treat yourself. Namaste.

    thumb Samantha Jane Simons

    5 star review  Sally-Ann is the best yoga teacher! She is very skilled and experienced but can adjust her pace to fit in with beginners like me. I have tried several yoga groups before and am so glad I found Sally-Ann, I love her classes

    thumb Tessa Houghton Budd

    5 star review  Having practiced yoga for many years abroad I discovered Sally-Ann 4 years ago when moving to England. I have since at least once a week, with huge gratitude and pleasure enjoyed our one-to-one lessons. Sally has an incredible knowledge about the body and the mind - and how the two interact. She is strict - making sure that you do not do any harm to yourself. She knows exactly which postures make you improve your immune system, how to protect your back and joints, increase your core strength and help you keep your body and mind healthy. Sally has also been an enormous help and an amazing guide throughout my 8 weeks Mindfulness course and the implementation of these "rules" in life. A continuously positive life changing experience. Thank you!

    thumb Mette Crone Le Normand

    5 star review  Definitely the best yoga class I’ve tried. Sally is a brilliant, knowledgeable and supportive teacher who makes time for everyone in the class. Would highly recommend - Claire

    thumb Claire Bonner